What a GREAT Day Fishing with Dave Hansen

I have enjoyed reading all the reports over the years with BD, and there really are so top Quality people that post here, this Being my 1st post, I hope it measures up! : ) Met with Dave at DP, I needed some help with my newly installed electronics, and I set up a time with Dave to help me, I was not disappointed at all!! Dave was very knowledgeable with my system and probably took several years of trial and error out of my, learning curve. We left DP early on the 26th, and H S it was cold! We went south, played with the electronics on our way down to SO, to do what I installed the system in the 1st place for, FISH. We set up some drifts. And Dave showed me how to read the bottom, watch the tracks and set up the drifts. My wife picked up some really nice bottom fish, at least one evey drift, and we boated one of the most beautiful fish out there, a Barber pole (1st time I have seen one). We moved in closer and drifted for halibut, and this time I came down to give it a shot, and I made a quality long distance release, of the only one we could get to play : ( We move closer to DP and stopped at a structure that had been producing some nice scalpin. The bite started out very slow, then it picked up, and we had a fish on every drop, but instead of scalpin, we had nice sized sand bass! Ending with 16 nice ones. It was hard to leave, but it was dark, so we left them biting. It was a great Day on the water, cold but perfect conditions, Dave was a joy to have along, his knowledge and experience, that he is so willing to share, was a joy. My wife and I really had an amazing time! Thanks agian Dave!! Sorry about picture quality, Blackberry’s suck!


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Captain Dave Hansen

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