Woulda Coulda shoulda, and went anyway

Schedule a trip with Captain Dave Hansen for Sunday. Saturday night,we are thinking forget it too cold. We decide to go anyway. 29 degrees at the launch ramp and frost all over my boat. Water temp is 52. I would have stayed home. I could have stayed home. At 7:30 a.m. I am thinking I should have stayed home. Got some anchovies at the bait barge. We had a plan and started at San Onofre looking for halibut. No bites for two hours except for a couple of jack smelt. Told Dave I wanted a goto Sand dab spot locally and he took me there. Wide open sand dabs. Got enough and decided to go check a reef for sand bass or sargo.A few bites but not much. Dave and I love flylining anchovies for calicos. so we said lets go to Seal Rock and try it. After all, the water, was now 54. We caught 20-25 calicos with 7 solid keepers. We decided to check out the humboldt squid even though it was 3:00 p.m. Got off Dana Point. Dave says stop here because he sees a few birds sitting on the water. Six drops produce two squid. I am amazed Dave keeps finding these fish. It is almost time to go in so we stop on a few rocks for some sand bass and call it a day. On a day with these awful conditions, we put over 50 fish on the boat. Captain Dave is a magician. I think If I asked him to put me on any fish, he can and will. The unseen details of a trip with Dave are how much you can learn if you are paying attention. I think he enjoys teaching more than just getting you a fish. I always enjoy fishing with someone who enjoys catching every fish from a jack smelt to a tuna. Another awesome day on the water when it didn’t look very promising at the beginning. Thank you, Captain Dave Hansen

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Captain Dave Hansen

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